Cook With Intention For 2 Hours, Eat Paleo For A Week!

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Make It Easy To Stay Committed to Paleo — Even If You’re Super Busy!

Prepare delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options for an entire week in a highly focused two-hour Bootcamp cooking session! The course videos take you step-by-step through four separate sessions, designed to happen every weekend for a month.

With Chef Katie French's intentional cooking approach, you'll build momentum for a major dietary transition and enjoy ready-made delicious meals during hectic work weeks. Don't sweat guesswork or haphazard cooking efforts — Katie makes it easy to stay in the groove of eating healthy, ready-made, delicious meals!

Meet your instructor Katie French

As a former high-powered litigation attorney turned paleo chef and nutrition coach, Katie French understands the constant struggle to balance healthy eating intentions with the reality of time-crunched lifestyles. Inspired by Katie’s award-winning live bootcamp classes in San Francisco, we welcome you to her comprehensive online video course that brings her book, Paleo Cooking Bootcamp For Busy People, and the bootcamp methods, to life! Paleo Cooking Bootcamp's mission is to help busy people eat more nutrient dense food and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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Become more confident and happy in the kitchen. Enjoy incredibly creative and delicious recipes that will become go-to meals for you and your family. Experience the amazing amount of meal preparation you can accomplish with a guided, intentional approach. Start your bootcamp experience today--you'll receive instant access to your online portal with all 4 bootcamp video sessions, exact grocery lists, the eBook for Paleo Cooking Bootcamp, and extensive guides and supporting materials to help you navigate the videos and gain maximum efficiency in the kitchen.

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